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Artisan Partners

Craftsmen from various Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains are still practicing their ancestors’ ways. These artistic individuals have managed to preserve their grandfathers’ domain of creating, weaving, smithing, adorning, and selling astonishing items.

What’s really heartwarming about their craft is their persistence to use raw materials such as stone, soil, argan-based cosmetics, and plaster. And the results are always mesmerizing. Whether they’re useful, applied products, or jubilant, geometric decor objects!

In Morocco alone, you’ll find that there are over 60 different trades. Using natural material such as wood, iron, leather, copper, and stone, craftspeople of the Atlas Mountains are reliant on their craft to provide an honest living for their families.


Without activities like these, the population of these Berber villages will have no choice but to succumb to impending poverty, which could mean the end of Morocco’s awe-inspiring Souks.

We have been working with Berber artisans since we first established our ATLAS LUX RUG LTD. Not only does that provide hardworking artisans with hard-earned compensation, but it also helps keep these trades alive.

We’re constantly going out of our way to develop their know-how and encourage learning of different domains. Witnessing the Berber community in the Atlas Mountains victorious once more has been our goal since day one — and we’re making progress!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I purchse a rug from your website?
    Begin by selecting the Berber rug you want to buy. Click on the Moroccan Berber rug for more detailed information. On the right-hand you will see the price of the rug. If the rug is not sold or reserved, there is a button under the price with the text: “Add to Cart”. Click on the ”Cart” button to place the Berber rug in your shopping cart. The shopping cart is shown on the top right-hand side of the website. The same procedure can be repeated as indicated above to add several Moroccan rugs to your shopping cart. The next step is to go to the checkout counter. You do this by clicking on the link “Proceed to Checkout” that is visible under the Berber rugs in your shopping cart. The final step is to choose your payment method. We offer the major payment methods so you can choose the one fits you best. Click on the alternative you wish to use and follow the instructions given.
  • How thick is the pile of a rug?
    The thickness of the pile varies depending on the style of the rug.
  • Are the photos of your Moroccn berber rugs close to reality nd how can i be sure that color i see in screen is the real color on the rug?
    The photos of our Berber rugs are taken professionally with a high resolution digital camera in a color-temperature controlled environment and the photos are then processed using Adobe Photoshop. The photos of the rugs are therefore, as close to reality as the real Berber rugs. However, it also depends on the type, quality and age of the screen one uses to view the rugs and this can affect how the photos and colors are displayed on your screen.
  • When should i use under-padding?
    We recommend under-padding for thinner rugs since it prevents the rug from slipping and helps it stay in place. It also provides more cushioning, thus prolonging the life of your rug by preventing pile crush, and protects the rug from the effects of sharp objects like heels.
  • What's the fluff in my Berber Carpet?
    It is not unusual for rugs to shed their pile. When a Berber rug is new, it can still contain some excess material which is gradually released. These are small fibres, pushed down into the pile, that have worked their way up to the surface. These usually disappear after 1-2 vacuums. There is nothing to worry about and trying to speed up the natural process will only cause extra wear and tear to your Moroccan rug. The best advice is to be patient and with general use you will see that the fluffing gradually slows down and eventually ceases.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We at Atlas Lux Rug offer all major payment methods so we can offer you all our services wherever you are and whenever you want. We are at your service.
  • Orders - How Do I view my orders?
    You can view your orders by clicking on “My account” which is located on the top of the page and then logging in with your email and password. Here you can view your current and previous orders, and you also have the possibility to track your current shipments.
  • How do I cancel an order?
    If you want to cancel an order, please send an email to and we will cancel the order and confirm it for you.
  • Do i need to be home to receive my rug?
    Yes someone needs to be home when the delivery arrives. You can contact DHL for further information about the delivery-time or for help changing the delivery address.
  • Can i wash my Berber rug myself?
    We strongly advise you to contact a professional rug cleaner who knows how to properly clean your berber rug. Attempting to wash your Berber rug yourself can cause irreversible damage to your rug.
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