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Versatile and Stylish Storage Trunk: Hand-Woven with Natural Fibers, Ideal for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Games Rooms.
Ethically Made Wicker and Palm Leaf Storage Trunk: Unique Artisan Craftsmanship, Perfect for a Natural and Bohemian Touch.
Artisanal Moroccan Wicker Storage Trunk: Unique & Charming Straw Basket for Organizing and Storing.

Introducing our exquisite Storage Trunk crafted with natural fibers - wicker and palm tree. Hand-woven with precision by skilled artisans from Marrakech, 
this trunk showcases a soft, almost white shade, adding a touch of natural and boho vibes to any space. Its versatile design makes it a perfect fit for various rooms,
be it a living room, children's bedroom, or games room. With no hard edges and a light lid, it is an ideal



Introducing our beautifully hand-woven storage trunk in natural fibers: a combination of wicker and palm tree,
skillfully crafted by talented artisans from Marrakech. The soft, almost white shade adds a natural and boho touch, 
making it an ideal piece that can effortlessly fit into any room, be it a living room, a children's bedroom, or a games room.
The absence of hard edges and the light lid makes it safe and perfect for children.

our exquisite Moroccan Basket, expertly handcrafted in an artisanal manner, ensuring each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.
Embrace its charming irregularities, for they add character and soul to this enchanting wicker storage trunk. With slight variations in color and size, 
influenced by the material's conditions, every basket tells its own unique story.
While we strive to accurately capture colors, please note that they may appear differently on display screens and in various

ylish and versatile storage solution! Available in four convenient sizes, our product helps you declutter and organize your space effortlessly. 
With its sleek design and durable construction, it is perfect for any room in your home.

Wicker storage trunk - Palm leaf storage chest

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